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PM Facial Cleansing

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

I like to keep things pretty specific when it comes to my technique/strategy for any act of self care. I believe having a step by step protocol holds me accountable for being thorough and hygienic. This post is specifically about the details of a PM facial cleansing with makeup removal. I'll get into the full PM routine on another post.



  1. Take off shirt. I always take off my top and bra or robe or whatever...that way I can effectively cleanse my entire face, neck, and chest without making too much of a mess. I once noticed that any break out around my jaw line could have been from not fully cleansing my jawline and neck and boom I became a topless cleanser. Now, years later, I can't imagine effectively cleansing my makeup face with a shirt on.

  2. Wash and dry hands.

  3. Remove eye makeup with Micellar Water and a cotton round. I use Garnier's Micellar Water.

  4. Perform a primary cleanse with an oil cleanser. Add the oil into your clean and dry hand and use your fingertips to massage it into your dry skin. Dampen your fingertips with tepid water and continue to massage; this emulsifying step will make the oil cleanser a milky consistency. Be sure to cleanse the jaw line, neck, and chest too. Here is the key-remove with wet gauze. Start at the chest and work up the neck and face. This is so great because by using a disposable you can avoid getting oily makeup grime on your lovely white facecloths. Another reason I love this technique is because the gauze efficiently absorbs the mixture of cleanser/makeup and simultaneously gives a mild exfoliation. It's important to be extra gentle when wiping your skin with the wet gauze. Oil dissolves oil...any trace of makeup will be removed with this step. I either use Pre Cleanse by Dermalogica or Purity Solution by Cosmedix.

  5. Perform a secondary cleanse the same way with your preferred cleanser and remove with another wet gauze to ensure you've completely removed every trace of makeup. I make sure to cleanse for an actual minute gently massaging my skin throughout the cleanse. I'm currently using the Green Tea Citrus Cleanser by Skin Script Rx.

  6. Splash skin with water as a final step to completely remove any cleanser.

  7. Gently pat skin dry with a fresh white facecloth. Priorly used facecloths are a perfect place for bacteria to grow...that is why it's important to always use a fresh towel. Also, I say white facecloth because I like to be able to bleach my towels and scald them in the wash with an extra hot load.


Thank you for reading! I sure hope you found this helpful and please let me know if you try or like any of my tips.

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