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My Skin

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Hi! It's me, Court.

Studying the skin as an Esthetician has taught me how to love my own. The integumentary system is complex and has many functions including protection, maintaining our body temperature, sensory reception, synthesizing and storing nutrients, and excretion/secretion. Without the proper function of it's many layers, the skin can't perform it's job to it's full extent. After almost two years of being a licensed esthetician, I am happy with the state of the health of my skin and I strive for others to experience the same with theirs.


What I was doing wrong before I became an esthetician:

  • I damaged my very fair skin by constantly being outside without any protection from the sun from a young age. I played soccer my entire life and also enjoy a plethora of other outdoor activities, as many of us do living in Southern California. When my parents were with me I was for sure wearing proper sun protection. I also remember them educating me on the importance of sun protection if they weren't going to be with me, however, I did not listen very carefully. I have the sun damage to prove it.

  • I completely overstimulated my skin with different products/ingredients just trying to do the most (AKA stripping my skin of any moisture) without understanding the importance of my skin's protective barrier. I never understood why my skin would break out but still feel so dry and flaky at the same time.

  • I would pick pick pick at my skin... because I'm just like anyone else.

Once I became more informed...I started doing the work to reverse the state my skin was in. Now, I/I'm:

  • Diligent in my attempts to protect my skin from the sun without compromising my love for spending time outdoors.

  • Treat my skin much more gently and understand what it needs/craves.

  • Do not pick unless it is absolutely ready to go. When a blemish is ready for extraction I ensure to have a clean face, clean hands, a warm clean towel to soften the skin, and two pieces of gauze to wrap my fingers in.


I'm excited to finally have written a blog about skin! I'm very passionate about the skincare/wellness industry and eager to continue to learn and share.

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